How to get microscopes to where there are no microscopes? The X-wow project | Yuchun Ding

Dr. Yuchun Ding, Co-Founder at

For pathologists and scientists microscope does not seem like a luxury, it is an everyday tool necessary to do their jobs. It is not a cheap tool, but there is no option not to have one, especially if you work in a pathology or microbiology lab. Otherwise, you cannot do your job, you cannot help patients, and every day there are so many cases to diagnose.

But what to do, in places, where there are as many cases to diagnose, as many patients who need this diagnosis, but a lot fewer microscopes? This was the question Yuchun Ding asked himself. After quite some time as a computer scientist in the field of digital pathology, he decided to go beyond his science to help patients in the underserved areas directly. This is what his project (now an official trademark) X-wow is about.

Listen to his story and see how you can help as well.

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