Leveraging The Power Of Static Telecytology For Veterinary Diagnostics With Kate Baker

Did you know that pathology diagnostics through a smartphone is a thing?
Really and officially! It is called static telecytology and a lot has already been published on it.

This episode’s guest, Dr. Kate Baker, a veterinary clinical pathologist, developed a smartphone app for veterinary telecytology! This digital pathology smartphone app is called pocket pathologist and let’s you get access to a veterinary pathologist opinion remotely.

This app was developed for practicing veterinarians who want or need to consult telecytology cases with a board certified pathologist.

This technology can be used for other areas of static telepathology including rapid on site evaluation (ROSE) and Dr. Kate is giving us a sneak peek into the app development and how it was for a veterinarian to work with an app development team (and NO, it does not cost a million dollars ).

This great little tool for remote pathology diagnostics is a proof that anyone, regardless of their budget can leverage the power of digital pathology to offer or access better care for their patients. You only need a microscope, a smartphone and smartphone adapter (to save time and take better pictures).

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