Never Miss A Piece Of Digital Pathology Knowledge Ever Again! Digital Pathology Place And Pathology News Partnership With Jonathon Tunstall

There are a few websites online other than the Digital Pathology Place that talk about different aspects of digital pathology. An important one being Pathology News.

Pathology News is an online place bringing together the digital pathology vendors and purchasers. It is meant to be a single community for everyone working in the digital pathology space. A community working together on advancing the digital pathology science.

A unique (and my favorite!) feature of the website, NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE ONLINE, is a special page where digital pathology users have access to detailed information about available digital pathology solutions provided by the digital pathology vendors.

It is like a 24/7 online digital pathology conference where the users can visit vendor space any time they need a specific piece of information, and they can visit multiple vendor spaces and compare their solutions.

All from the comfort of their home without having to call or interact with a single vendor representative before they are ready.

This space is called the Technology Buyers guide.

In addition to this unique vendor-purchaser interactive tool Pathology News has other elements:

– scientific articles
– latest digital pathology news
– list of upcoming digital pathology events
– digital pathology career section with the latest vacancies

and now also…[drum roll please]……


We partnered to serve the largest audience possible

Digital Pathology Place and Pathology News are both on a mission to advance digital pathology in the scientific community and we want to serve the largest audience possible. We are doing it in a very complementary way that builds bridges within the multidisciplinary environment of digital pathology.

This is why we partnered to make the Digital Pathology Podcast available to the Pathology News readers straight from the Pathology News website and from their mailbox for those who are subscribed to the monthly newsletter.

Listen to the full episode to meet Jonathon Tunstall, the CEO of Pathology News and learn what else you can find on the website.

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