Smart In Media – The Virtual Microscopy Hub With Martin Weihrauch MD, Smart In Media

Advanced computer science expertise with the ability to code and a medical degree with over 20 years of clinical experience is a rare combination. This episode’s guest, Martin Weihrauch MD, the co-founder of Smart in Media incorporates this rare combination.

His digital pathology platform originated when he was asked by a pharmaceutical company to provide some interactive entertainment for the participants of a medical congress, something beyond just coffee, and the only thing really attracting participants to a company exhibition booth. He decided to host diagnostic quizzes with virtual microscopy. Since then, supported by the close collaboration of a pathologist, Dr. Alberto Peréz Bouza, the platform evolved from the initial virtual microscopy application, through a full pathology educational platform to a fully capable digital pathology diagnostic platform with an open API and the capability for AI algorithm integration.

Smart in Media is a digital pathology platform designed by physicians for physicians. The software is optimized for pathology workflow and IT infrastructure. Through the open API, it can communicate with any LIS or LIMS system, has the capability of image analysis algorithm integration, and is extremely user-friendly. Smart in Media users can give real-time feedback to the platform developers about any bugs or difficulties in a user WhatsApp group.

Smart in Media is already a leading digital pathology solution provider in Europe with its presence established in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, and the Czech Republic, and is the official digital pathology provider of the European Society of Pathology. With its presence expanding to the US the company is striving to bring digital pathology to every pathologist and to improve and speed up their workflow.

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