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FS-Live Telepathology System

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FS-Live Telepathology

Review slides live from anywhere.
A ground-breaking system built for real-time remote diagnosis and intraoperative consultations on frozen sections, FNAs, and other cytology adequacy checks.


Product Description

Telepathology System

Live remote microscopy using a Motic scanner

Review slides live from anywhere

A ground-breaking system built for real-time remote diagnosis and intraoperative consultations on frozen sections, FNAs, and other cytology adequacy checks.

  • View and control live  Take full control and operate the scanner like a robotic microscope
  • Intuitive and easy to use  Designed for live slide review and seamless pathologist-technician communication.
  • Save time and money  Check slides from remote sites or the home office, eliminating cross-campus travel and shipping of glass slides.

Best-in-class continuous autofocus

A superior autofocus mechanism that keeps the image in focus instantly, saving you time and effort.

  • Dedicated focus camera
  • Instantly adjusts for uneven thickness
  • Quickly move while in focus


Pathologists save time by diagnosing and consulting on more cases without having to travel to remote locations.


Hospitals save lives by quickly consulting with experts on surgical procedures and rare cases.

Lab Admin

Administrators save money by cutting the cost of bringing specialists onsite.

Key Features

  • Continuous autofocus  Never need to manually refocus with a dedicated camera and unique algorithms.
  • Z-stack captures  Capture and compile multiple depths of focus into a composite image.
  • Gamma adjust  Digitally lighten overstained nuclei to reveal structural details.
  • Macro heatmap  Quickly jump to areas of interest by tracking parts of the slide that have already been viewed.
  • Two view modes  Default view for pixel-to-pixel resolution, or full view mode for faster panning.
  • Annotations and measurement tools  Drop markers, take measurements, and leave notepad notes for easy collaboration.

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Additional Information

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 70 × 39.8 × 42 cm
Clinical | Research Suitability


Imaging Modality Supported

Brightfield (Live View)

File Formats Produced | Supported

*See Additional Notes, JPEG/JPG/JPEG 2000, Leica .svs

Cloud Deployment


On-Premise Deployment


Viewer Type


Supported Browsers


Real-time Slide Conferencing


TMA Support


Frozen Sections?


DICOM Compatibility


LIS | Third-Party Integration



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Additional Notes*

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