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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Using our digital slide scanning service gives you all the advantages of digital pathology without the high-cost investment.


Product Description

NationWide Laboratories – no project too big or too small

Nationwide Laboratories is pleased to offer a high-speed and high-resolution slide scanning service to professionals and organisations. We guarantee the best quality digital slide scanning solution, using the largest throughput scanner available on the market; the 3DHistech Pannoramic P1000 RX scanner.


  • The highest resolution scanning available today – 82x water immersion (the only one in the UK today)
  • Brightfield scanning at resolutions of 20x, 40x, including whole slide scanning
  • Z stack and extended focus scanning options available too
  • High throughput and quick turnaround service
  • Our specialist service allows the highest quality images but without the large file sizes often associated with scanned images
  • Digitisation of slides allows for efficient sharing of images, whether that be with a colleague for preparing for publication or presentation
  • Archiving and convenient storage of digital images vs onsite storage of glass allows for centralisation, control and to security of your images


  • All you need to do is send us your glass slides and in return you will receive the high-resolution digital images either from as a cloud storage link or physical hard drive
  • 30-day image storage is included, extended image storage options are available
  • A range of image types are available
  • Low-cost and rapid turnaround service

Additional Information

Medical Device | IVD Certifications

UKAS ISO 17025

Clinical | Research Suitability

Clinical, Research, Veterinary

Imaging Modality Supported

Brightfield, Water Immersion

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


Viewer Type


Z-Stacks Supported


TMA Support


Real-time Slide Conferencing


DICOM Compatibility


File Formats Produced | Supported

.svs, 3DHistech .mrxs, JPEG/JPG/JPEG 2000, TIFF/TIF

CLIA Certified



United Kingdom

Services Offered

Assay Development, Deep learning, Histopathology, Image analysis, Laboratory Diagnostics, Molecular pathology, Slide hosting, Slide scanning

Scan Objective(s)

20x, 40x, 63x, 82x

Slide Capacity

Large (> 200 slides)

Water Immersion Scanning


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