NephroPath Platform

NephroPath Platform

Kidney Image Analysis Services

AI-powered solutions for both standard and custom kidney image analysis

The NephroPath platform, offered through Aiosyn’s image analysis services, provides reproducible, fast, consistent, and more detailed scoring of renal biomarkers compared to traditional human reading.


Product Description

The NephroPath platform provides automated multi-class prediction and quantification on entire kidney slides. Aiosyn’s AI-powered technology identifies and quantifies key structures such as normal tubuli, atrophic/dilated tubuli, normal glomeruli, abnormal/sclerotic glomeruli, arteries, and interstitium. Additionally, it offers precise quantification of interstitial fibrosis.

Standard Kidney Analysis

Accurate segmentation and delineation of relevant kidney structures, extent of glomerulosclerosis and fibrosis, and (immune) cell quantification, including spatial relation to tissue.

Custom Kidney Analysis

IHC/Biomarker quantification in specific animal models, treatment response grouping, tissue microenvironment analysis, and other tailored solutions.

Aiosyn’s kidney analysis project workflow

Start your project by submitting your data and promptly receiving a preliminary analysis to inform your next actions. Benefit from our models, which are accessible for a set period. Easily access and download your analysis report and detailed results from our online platform, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your data-driven projects. Upon project completion, all data is returned to you.

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