Sectra Digital Pathology

Sectra Digital Pathology Pathologist Using SectraSectra Digital Pathology Pathologist Using Sectra
Pathologist using Sectra digital pathologyPathologist using Sectra digital pathology


Sectra provides an FDA-approved, clinical production system for digital pathology image management that can handle large volumes at peak performance.


Product Description

Review digital pathology images. Share resources, competence, and images. Improve multidisciplinary collaboration.


Sectra provides an FDA-approved, clinical production system for digital pathology that can handle large volumes at peak performance. The solution allows pathologists to review images and carry out reporting with higher precision and less time spent per case. This enables highly efficient workload balancing, consultations and second opinions. It also supports integrated diagnostic workflows by improved collaboration with oncologists, radiologists, dermatologists, and other specialties.

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Key features and benefits

  • Full-featured diagnostic workstation
  • Zero-footprint viewer to view, present, and discuss from any workstation
  • Built-in image analysis capabilities and standard API for integration with third-party image analysis applications
  • Vendor-neutral solution with standardized interface for integration with other image platforms and information systems
  • Scalable solution to manage increase in users and production
  • Teaching functionality with easy tag and search
  • Audit logging
  • Business analytics module for production planning

Use Cases For Sectra Digital Pathology

Sectra Digital Pathology Pathologist Using Sectra

Primary Diagnosis

Digital pathology increases both the efficiency and quality of the diagnostic review. With the computer taking care of time-consuming tasks, you have time to focus on what’s most important—setting the diagnosis.

Sectra anywhere an

Remote Working

Glass slides can be broken or lost when moved whereas the digital image is always available and always in full quality. And by logging in via a secure connection to the central server, it is possible to perform the diagnostic work from anywhere.

Sectra digital pathology collaborate and share

Collaborate & Share

Digital images enable easy remote access and collaboration, regardless of where the participants are. Depending on the access rules you define, pathologists or researchers access images from anywhere and at any time, helping them improve the review quality and patient outcomes.

Sectra digital pathology integrated workflow

Integrated Workflow

Digital pathology enables integrated diagnostics—a flow of information across departmental borders for better collaboration and clinical decisions. Access to all information in a single application also saves time for the reviewer, who can access all relevant images and patient information for a case at once.

Sectra digital pathology tumor boards

Tumor Boards

With instant access to digital pathology images, side by side with radiology or other images, you can have more efficient discussions at multidisciplinary team meetings—or tumor boards—and are better able to give detailed descriptions of findings.

Product feature image_square

Secondary Consults

The ability to share digital images, rather than send physical slides, helps reduce treatment errors, logistics, and administration, resulting in potential savings.  Access to specialists for efficient external readings and second opinions can also shorten waiting times and  help meet patient demand.

Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability


Medical Device | IVD Certifications

EU CE-marked IVDD, FDA-cleared for primary diagnosis, Other regulatory clearances may exist. Please confirm with manufacturer.

Imaging Modality Supported


File Formats Produced | Supported

DICOM, Leica .svs, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


DICOM Compatibility


LIS | Third-Party Integration


LIS | Third-Party Integration Details

Algorithms can be integrated via an open image analysis API.


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Sectra Digital Pathology

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