Dissecting the Complexity

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I am working with the TissueFAXS system for almost 13 years. Then and now, pioneering in Austria and wold wide, the unique digital image technology with the analysis software packages from TissueGnostics enabled my research group to dissect the multilayer complexity of immune cells in cancer. We named our comprehensive strategy as DIICO: from Digital Immune Imaging to Clinical Outcome. Using the power for precise calculations of low-magnitude B cells within the predefined anatomical region at metastasis site or within ectopic lymphoid structures, we made unprecedented discoveries of novel pathomechanisms and novel stratification strategies for patients with colon cancer. The visit card of TissueGnostics is not exclusively the state-of-the-art technology, but also great team of professionals. I met Rupert Ecker in 1999 at Vascular Biology Institute in Vienna. Both of us were young postdocs with ambitious ideas and bold dreams in computerized microscopy. I am happy to say that TissueGnostics made it a reality!

Diana Mechtcheriakova, Medical University of Vienna

Ease-of-use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Service & Support 5.0
Value-for-Money 5.0