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Review for Indica Labs - HALO

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I work mostly with multiplex immunohistochemistry images evaluating the tumor microenvironment with a focus on tumor infiltration and cell-cell interactions. I’ve used several image analysis softwares over the years, but I continue to use HALO because it is easy to use yet very powerful. I started using HALO back when Indica Labs was a much smaller company and before they launched HALO Link (which I also like). Although they’ve grown substantially, they continue to try to provide great customer service and are always working to improve their product. No technology is perfect, but they appear to be passionate about getting past the hurdles of image analysis and to expand the functionality of the software while keeping the learning curve reasonable. I put 4/5 for Ease of Use due more to some functionality improvements that are needed.

Ease-of-use 4.0
Reliability 5.0
Service & Support 5.0
Value-for-Money 5.0