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Cancer Cells At Your Fingertips

SamanTree Medical was born out of a novel ultra-fast confocal microscopy technology invented at EPFL (Switzerland) in 2010. Since then we have re-invented confocal microscopy to make it compatible with the intraoperative environment.

The Histolog® Scanner


The Histolog Scanner (CE mark since 2018) is a digital microscopy scanner for high-resolution imaging of the surface of fresh tissue. Based on a novel ultra-fast confocal microscopy technology invented in EPFL. Its innovative design makes it highly practical for quick assessment on the point-of-care and the clinician is one touch on the screen away from visualizing cancerous cells immediately on a surgical specimen¹ ⁻ ⁸.

  • Seamless integration into your clinical routine
  • 10 second specimen preparation time
  • 45 seconds for image acquisition
  • Remote workflow in a single tap

Histolog Image Training

Welcome to HIT Academy

The Histolog Image Training (HIT) was developed with our community of pathologists and experts to provide a simple and efficient way of getting familiar with Histolog images. Designed for both beginners and experienced morphology content readers, the HIT is accessible to all and allows for flexible learning. You will be ready to interpret morphology images in just a few hours of training.

The Histolog Dip and Dish

The Histolog Dip (CE-IVD) is a fluorescent histological stain for use as an accessory device in combination with the Histolog Scanner for imaging the surface of excised human tissue specimens to visualize cell morphology. It is designed for rapid imaging of fresh tissue, while preserving specimen integrity for future pathological analysis ² ⁻ ⁵.

The Histolog Dish (CE-IVD) is a single-use protection, preventing direct contact of the tissue specimen with the Histolog Scanner during imaging.

The Histolog Viewer

The Histolog Viewer is the image management system software intended to be used with the Histolog Scanner. Designed to help you quickly and easily examine specimens morphological structures, this powerful software allows you to access, display, annotate, manage, store, and share digital Histolog Scanner images and metadata. Plus, with advanced capabilities for further analyzing images and marking regions of interest (ROI), the Histolog Viewer takes your capabilities to the next level (ROI management feature for breast available in Q4 2023).

The Histolog solution has demonstrated effectiveness in applications related to prostate and breast tissues among others


The Histolog Scanner has been proven across a range of applications. You can explore these using the buttons or specific case studies using the links below:

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