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TissueGnostics (TG), the forefront provider of fully integrated tissue cytometry solutions. Experience cutting-edge technology with seamless whole-slide imaging capabilities encompassing brightfield, fluorescence, confocal, and multispectral imaging. Unlock the potential of high-end analysis for tissue sections, cultured cells, TMAs, smears, and beyond. Discover TGs’ solutions for spatial phenotyping, single-cell analysis, molecular single-cell profiling, and machine-learning-based tissue classification. Join us in revolutionizing comprehensive tissue analysis, where precision and insights converge effortlessly.

Advanced Imaging & Analysis Solutions


Our automated TissueFAXS system scans slides and well plates, quantifying marker expression per cell. StrataQuest, – our powerful software for advanced tissue analysis is capable of detecting multicellular structures in high-resolution scans with all of our modular imaging systems offering brightfield, fluorescence, confocal, and multispectral capabilities, customizable for your needs.

We offer three different image analysis solutions; TissueQuest for fluorescence image analysis, HistoQuest for brightfield image analysis, and StrataQuest for multicellular contextual tissue analysis in both brightfield and fluorescence images.StrataQuest offers a simplified user interface in individual APPs and more advanced image analysis capabilities with the potential to develop customized algorithms. TissueQuest and HistoQuest are designed for rapid nuclear segmentation and marker quantification per cell.

All three image analysis solutions can be utilized for exploring the tumor microenvironment, assessing spatial organization of cellular subpopulations, detecting and quantifying fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), analyzing different multicellular structures, and conducting multiplex immunofluorescence stainings. Additional applications and examples can be found in the App Center and case studies of the StrataQuest APP analysis examples.

TissueFAXS PLUS – An Upright Brightfield and Fluorescence System


The TissueFAXS PLUS is an upright scanning system developed by TissueGnostics. It is designed for automated scanning of various types of samples, including brightfield and immunofluorescence slides, cytospins, smears, and tissue microarrays (TMAs). The platform offers flexibility and can be upgraded with advanced hardware components such as high-powered multi LED light engines, highly sensitive sCMOS cameras, and multiband bandpass filters for fast scanning.

The TissueFAXS platform is equipped with integrated image analysis software, including HistoQuest and TissueQuest for single cell quantification, and StrataQuest for contextual image analysis with an AI classification module. The TissueFAXS platform is available in two modes: brightfield (TissueFAXS Histo) or fluorescence (TissueFAXS Fluo). Additionally, TissueFAXS PLUS can be upgraded to a confocal configuration (TissueFAXS Q+), slide loader with a capacity of 120 slides (TissueFAXS SL), or the multispectral tissue cytometer known as TissueFAXS SPECTRA, thanks to its modular composition.

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