Deep Bio and Visiopharm announce a collaborative integration of a clinical-grade AI prostate cancer solution with a leading digital pathology platform

Deep Bio, a leading AI biotech dedicated to cancer diagnosis, and Visiopharm, a world leader in AI-powered image analysis and tissue mining for research and diagnostics, announced a strategic partnership to provide pathologists access to the latest AI-powered prostate cancer solution.

AI-powered cancer diagnostics has been proving its utility not only in research, but increasingly in supporting and improving pathologists’ decisions, workflow efficiency, and diagnostic precision. Deep Bio’s deep learning-based CE-IVDD prostate cancer diagnosis support software, DeepDx® Prostate, empowers pathologists by identifying cancerous areas and grading their severity providing a Gleason scoring.

With this collaboration, DeepDx® strengthens Visiopharm’s diagnostic offering to its European diagnostic customers. This application expands pathologists’ accessibility to the latest cutting-edge H&E based AI solutions for prostate cancer, which today is a large diagnostic indication that is both time and labour intensive in diagnostic pathology labs. With its extensive AI-based image analysis solutions for multiple cancer types, Visiopharm’s platform is contributing to the global adoption of digital pathology and AI.

The first phase of integration of DeepDx® into Visiopharm’s digital pathology platform has been completed. In the next phases, Visiopharm will together with Deep Bio scale up the solution as interest grows. The two companies plan to add additional AI cancer pathology solutions over time for prostate and breast, among others.

The second phase of integration will aim for tighter interoperability among the platform and AI solutions, helping both companies to better promote and distribute to healthcare institutions around the world.

Sun Woo Kim, CEO of Deep Bio, said:

“Digital transformation in healthcare is not a new concept anymore. Pathology, which has been slow to undergo digital transformation, is fast becoming digitalized due to a diverse range of AI solutions now available for implementation and validation. Our dedication to AI for digital pathology has taken a major step forward with this collaboration and we are pleased to offer our latest technology to more labs and hospitals across the world through this opportunity. We will continue to support medical professionals to optimize their decisions which ultimately lead to the best patient care.”

Michael Grunkin, CEO of Visiopharm, said:

“We are seeing a lot of demand for this particular application among both our clinical research- and diagnostic customers and partners. In diagnostic workflows, this APP has the potential to support pathologists in automating time-consuming and repetitive work, while improving turnaround time and standardization. This partnership with Deep Bio is a good example of how our scanner, LIMS, and PACS agnostic platform allow our users to benefit both from our own apps and best-in-class apps from our growing partner network, to gain access to a full diagnostic menu.”

About Deep Bio

Deep Bio Inc. is an AI healthcare company with in-house expertise in deep learning and cancer pathology. Our vision is to radically improve efficiency and accuracy of pathologic cancer diagnosis and prognosis, by equipping pathologists with deep learning-based IVD SaMDs1 (In Vitro Diagnostics Software as a Medical Device), for optimal cancer treatment decisions. Deep Bio is also actively engaged in the research space and maintains ongoing collaborations with top US medical centers. To learn more, visit

DeepDx® Prostate is a clinically-validated AI for prostate core needle biopsy tissue image analysis. Whole-slide images (WSIs) of H&E-stained biopsy tissue specimens are analyzed for prostate cancer, Gleason scores and grade groups. Extensively tested at 4 US CLIA labs (> 700k cores between 2019 and 2021), DeepDx® Prostate can alleviate the shortage of pathologists and the resultant increase in workload, while reducing diagnostic subjectivity and variability

About Visiopharm

Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven precision pathology software. Their pioneering image analysis tools support thousands of scientists, pathologists, and image analysis experts in academic institutions, biopharmaceutical industry, and diagnostic centers. AI-based image analysis and tissue mining tools support research and drug development research worldwide, while CE-IVD APPs provide decision support. With the most advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep learning, Visiopharm delivers tissue data mining tools, precision results, and workflows.

Visiopharm was founded in 2002 and is privately owned. The company operates internationally with over 750 customer accounts and countless users in more than 40 countries. The company headquarters are in Denmark’s Medicon Valley, with offices in Sweden, England, Germany, The Netherlands and United States.

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Johanne Louise Brændgaard
Chief Marketing Officer

SOURCE: Visiopharm

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