The Pathology News Guide to Pathology Visions 2022

The Pathology News Guide to Pathology Visions 2022

Pathology Visions is almost upon us! Bringing together experts across the field of digital pathology, Pathology Visions addresses the real-world practical applications of digital pathology, as well as the future of the field through new technologies and developments. Here at Pathology News we’ve put together a guide to Pathology Visions to help you navigate the conference we have all been waiting for. Simply tap on the PDF to get going!

The Pathology News Guide to Pathology Visions 2022.pdf

New to Pathology News? Listen to the latest episode of Digital Pathology Place in the Pathology News Podcast section with our CEO & President, Jonathon Tunstall to get us to know a little better.

In this episode Jonathon Tunstall and Aleksandra Zuraw discuss their new found partnership and what Pathology News really is. Take a listen to discover the latest news in Digital Pathology and our Technology Buyer’s Guide where you can review and compare pathology solutions from the comfort of your own home.

Pathology News has been looking forward to this event and we are excited to be meeting with a number of exhibitors, speakers, and delegates. If you’re attending Pathology Visions please come and introduce yourself. We would love to say hello and chat with you. For more information please see our guide to the event.

For the complete event agenda please navigate to the Digital Pathology Association’s agenda page.

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