Bicêtre AP-HP Hospital Integrates An AI Solution From Owkin To Improve The Prediction Of Breast Cancer Relapses

Owkin, a Franco-American biotech company, announces a new collaboration with AP-HP, putting artificial intelligence at the service of oncology diagnosis. The Bicêtre AP-HP hospital, a pilot in digital pathology, is now positioning itself as a pioneer by using  “RlapsRisk® BC”, [1] an innovative AI solution designed to help doctors assess patients’ risk of relapse suffering from breast cancer. This initiative fully supports the ten-year national strategy to combat cancer, by offering healthcare professionals the cutting-edge tools necessary to improve patient care. With this partnership, Owkin strengthens its commitment to public hospitals in France.

In 2023, breast cancer represents 33% [2] of cancer cases in women in France with 88% net survival at 5 years: Owkin’s solution could significantly improve this survival rate thanks to better anticipation of risk of recurrence.

This AI diagnostic technology, developed by Owkin, helps assess the relapse risk of early-stage breast cancer patients after tumor surgery, allowing oncologists to determine which high-risk patients may benefit from targeted therapies and which low-risk patients can potentially avoid chemotherapy. The collaboration will make it possible to obtain crucial feedback for the further development of the product, and the Bicêtre AP-HP hospital will in the near future be able to provide its patients with an optimal and precise assessment thanks to AI.

“This collaboration represents a major step forward in the development of our AI solution, RlapsRisk ® BC . By working in conjunction with the Bicêtre AP-HP hospital, we integrate the expertise of pathologists at each stage of the product’s development. This collaborative approach reinforces our commitment to creating the most robust and efficient version of our solution, thanks to the valuable contribution of the hospital establishment” declares Victor Aubert, RlapsRisk® BC product manager at Owkin.

“We are very proud to be able to contribute to the development of disruptive AI solutions that will structure the future of medical pathology practice in the years to come: they will help us in our diagnostic decision-making to improve care of our patients. » declares Catherine Guettier, head of the pathological anatomy and cytology department at Bicêtre AP-HP hospital, professor at the Paris-Saclay faculty of medicine

Breast cancer, with 58,000 cases per year, represents the leading type of cancer in women and remains the leading cause of cancer death. In the decision-making process for the treatment of early-stage breast cancer, multidisciplinary consultation plays a crucial role. This collaboration aims to obtain an accurate prediction, develop personalized treatment plans, monitor the occurrence of recurrences, and ultimately improve overall patient outcomes. The increase in pathology analysis capabilities thanks to AI allows for better tailoring of treatments to each patient . Owkin’s artificial intelligence solutions represent significant hope for accelerating research and improving outcomes in the fight against this disease.

[1] The RlapsRisk® BC device is under development and is not intended for clinical use. Manufacturer: Owkin France. Please contact Owkin for further information.

[2] Overview of cancers in France. Edition 2023. National Cancer Institute (INCa).


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