Thought Leader Series

Daniel Gareau - Surgivance - Digital Imaging

Conversation with Dr. Daniel Gareau, Founder and CEO, SurgiVance Inc. and Instructor In Clinical Investigation at The Rockefeller University

The ex vivo microscope could take as little as 30 seconds to look at each specimen and probably will end up being able to diagnose the majority with high accuracy.

Consolato Sergi - Digital Pathology

Conversation with Professor Consolato Sergi

There is an important aspect around trust and whether your partners, the surgeons, will come to trust the AI more than they trust you, or you more than the AI.

Mark Zarella - Digital Pathology

Interview with Dr. Mark Zarella, Director of Digital Pathology at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Let’s use deep learning to do things that our brains are not tuned to do. Let’s assist pathology in that way, rather than trying to create a virtual pathologist.

Alexi Baidoshvili - Digital Pathology
Jeff Chuang - Digital Pathology

Conversation with Professor Jeff Chuang – Computational Biologist and Expert in Tumor Heterogeneity

We can try to understand the mechanisms of our diagnosis through large scale machine-learning projects, but a big wave is about to hit us, and it is one which will completely transform the field of di...

Gustavo Rohde - Digital Pathology

Conversation with Professor Gustavo Rohde – A Leading Expert in the Development of diagnostic AI Applications for Tissue Pathology.

There is no doubt that exciting things are going to happen in the future, but it’s hard to predict which ones will be truly useful and have longevity. People in our field, the machine learners, they a...

Yukaku Yagi - Digital Pathology