Accelerating Certainty


Deciphex Accelerates Certainty In Pathology Service Delivery By Networking Pathologists And Using Artificial Intelligence To Drive Efficient, High-quality Reporting.

Deciphex Is Accelerating Pathology Service Delivery


Pathology is an integral part of health service delivery, touching 95% of clinical care pathways.Pathology is also a critical part of the drug development lifecycle, ensuring the safety and efficacy of new drugs in development. There is a growing supply-demand dynamic in global pathology services. A crunch point is developing due to increasing test volumes, increasing test complexity and declining pathologist numbers. The use of Digital Pathology (workload balancing) and AI (process acceleration) will be a critical part of the solution. Deciphex is at the forefront of this revolution, networking and AI enabling Pathologists from all corners of the globe to drive high-quality, efficient reporting, enhancing patient care and accelerating drug development.

Patholytix – Complete Regulated Ecosystem For Non-clinical Pathology


Patholytix is the industry-leading digital pathology workflow & integrated AI platform for Research Pathology. Patholytix is trusted by the leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies for handling high volume drug safety pathology studies, providing a complete GLP-compliant workflow with integrated AI screening capabilities.

Diagnexia – Remote Expert Subspecialty Pathology On Demand


Diagnexia is an online clinical pathology department that provides on-demand access to remote subspecialty pathologists for primary diagnostics and secondary consult services, supporting the acceleration of diagnostic turnaround times and delivery of the highest quality of patient care.

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