Zeno Pathology

Zeno Pathology

Zeno Pathology is your automated AI analysis pipeline for digital pathology


Product Description

Zeno Pathology offers a completely automated AI-based analysis pipeline capable of processing whole slide images in the background.

The platform can be easily integrated into your current digital processes, ensuring a smooth connection with all necessary clinical and administrative systems, significantly improving the workflow for Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) whole slide image analysis.

Additionally, Zeno Pathology has the capability to automatically interpret image formats from any digital slide scanner.


Lymph Node Metastasis (H&E)

  • Detecting metastasis in H&E stained lymph node tissue to assist in increasing the diagnostic efficiency
  • Automated heatmap of the tumour probability
  • The Lymph Node Metastasis module can be integrated into your existing clinical workflow as a separate module or as part of the Zeno Pathology pipeline

Automated Ki-67 Analysis (IHC)

  • Automated tumour cell detection with Ki-67 status classification
  • One click hotspot selection, based on clinical constraints (number of cells / region area)
  • Automatic selection of a 2 mm² area (500-3000 cells)
  • The Ki-67 analysis module can be integrated into your existing clinical workflow as a separate module or as part of the Zeno Pathology pipeline

Her2 score from H&E stained slides (H&E)

  • Automatic Her2 score on H&E stained whole slide images
  • Providing three scores on the whole slide:

Negative – 0+ & 1+
Equivocal – 2+
Positive – 3+

  • The Her2 score on H&E stained slides module can be integrated into your existing clinical workflow as a separate module or as part of the Zeno Pathology pipeline

All the modules from Zeno Pathology are available in the EU as a CE-IVD marked medical device. Outside the EU, all modules are Research Use Only and therefore not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Effortless Adaptability

Zeno Pathology is designed as a versatile tool, tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer the option to fully or partially incorporate Zeno Pathology into your system, ensuring an immediate enhancement of your digital workflow.

Harnessing Deep Learning Technology

With the advanced capabilities of deep learning algorithms, Zeno Pathology significantly enhances the speed, precision, and uniformity of whole slide image analysis. Our analysis modules adhere to expert guidelines for evaluating specific biomarkers in breast cancer tissue.

Image Formats

Zeno Pathology is capable of reading any proprietary image formats from different vendors. This feature allows you to seamlessly use Zeno Pathology with most widely-used whole slide image formats.

A Bespoke Product

Zeno Pathology offers a customizable modular structure, enabling you to select and use the components you require. With our ongoing expansion and enhancement of available modules, you have the flexibility to incorporate additional features over time.

How Zeno Pathology Works

Zeno Pathology streamlines the analysis process for whole slide images by utilizing cutting-edge AI algorithms to automatically examine both H&E and IHC stained breast cancer tissues. This tool can effortlessly process any image format, allowing for quicker analysis of your H&E and IHC stained whole slide images without the need for manual conversion. Additionally, Zeno Pathology’s adaptable design allows for either complete or partial integration into your existing clinical workflow, significantly enhancing your daily operations.

By implementing Zeno Pathology, you minimize observer variability (both inter and intra) in the analysis of whole slide images. This enables the objective acquisition of results for clinical or research applications. The use of Zeno Pathology enhances the speed, quality, and consistency of result acquisition and offers a standardized solution for scoring methods.

Standalone integration

Standalone integration is also possible if a full integration is not feasible. Zeno Pathology is designed as a flexible AI solution to cater to your specific requirements.

Zeno Pathology can be integrated as a standalone AI solution. The image analyses are made via a manual upload of your images into the Zeno Pathology environment.

We provide on-premise or cloud installations to adjust to your digital needs.

Full workflow intergration

​Get the full benefit of Zeno Pathology as an automated AI analysis pipeline to enhance your daily work instantly.

Zeno Pathology can be implemented into your existing digital imaging system, LIS/PIS, communicates with HIS/EMR and provides the enhanced features to deliver seamless reports on top of the results in your slide viewer.

We provide on-premise or cloud installations to adjust to your digital needs.

Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability


Imaging Modality Supported


User Customizable | Application-Specific Algorithms

Application Specific

Max No. Multiplexed Biomarkers

<50 Biomarkers

Supported Assay Types

Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E), Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

IVD | Clinical Applications

Her2 | breast (EU CE IVD), Ki-67 | breast (EU CE IVD), Metastatic cancer detection | breast (EU CE IVD)

Research Use Only Applications

User Customizable Algorithms Suitable for Multiple Applications

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


TMA Support


File Formats Produced | Supported

.svs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF, .mrxs


Flexible: whether on-premise or on-cloud, our deployment strategies depend entirely on the needs of the client.

Additional note

State-of-the-art: WSK Medical is always looking to improve the clinical workflow by continuously developing new algorithms that will be under the Zeno Pathology workflow. Our goal is to have a suite of high-end, certified algorithms that can help in every aspect of the clinical workflow of breast cancer, and beyond.

Additional Notes*

Our on-cloud Ki-67 deployment can provide a localisation and classification of 2000 positive/negative Ki-67 tumour cells in under 10 seconds.