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An introduction to Source LDPath…

Source LDPath, a part of the Source BioScience group, provides flexible cellular and digital pathology services to the NHS and Private healthcare

Source LDPath’s expertise lies in guiding the digital transformation of pathology departments to enhance operational efficiency, accelerate diagnostic timelines and improve patient care. To evaluate the impact of digital pathology, Source LDPath has launched a Health Economic Model (HEM) to quantify the savings made in costs, backlogs, turnaround times and patient life-years for the specific department. Using this tool to establish the value prospects of implementing a digital pathology workflow, service operational leads can establish the required level of investment, and the subsequent benefits, both short-term and long-term. Digitising a pathology workflow involves planning, training, and a multitude of different stakeholders to successfully facilitate its adoption. Source LDPath provides a comprehensive digital pathology integration model, providing expertise in sample processing support, LIMS integration, scanner acquisition and training, second opinion and MDM support, or if needed, a complete end-to-end integration service. Find out today what the value of digital pathology means for you, your department, and your patients.

Histopathology Solutions

Partnering with over 80 NHS Trusts and a dominating number of private healthcare departments, Source LDPath provides rapid, reliable, and flexible cellular pathology services in every discipline of histopathology. Offering scalable laboratory processing and reporting solutions tailored to the needs of your department. Source LDPath holds a team of the UK’s leading Specialist Consultant Pathologists, led by Source LDPath’s Medical Director Professor Ian Ellis and Director of Digital Pathology Dr. Alistair Robson, to ensure the highest quality reporting and service standards.

Your Guiding Hand in Implementing a Digital Pathology Workflow

Source LDPath is the most technically advanced private provider of cellular and digital pathology services in the UK.

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Source LDPath offers an end-to-end digital pathology integration model to help your department or hospital turn digital, depending on your current needs and requirements.

  • Accelerating diagnostic reporting times
  • Easing pathologist workload
  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Improving patient care

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