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Backed by cutting-edge technology, an uncompromising focus on ease-of-use and dedicated customer service, Indica Labs’ software and services are being used to make vital discoveries in pathology labs and research organizations around the world.

An Integrated Family of Products

Learn how our HALO products fit together to offer an end-to-end Digital Pathology workflow.


The gold standard image analysis platform for quantitative tissue analysis in digital pathology.

With the fastest processing speeds available for digital pathology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and research organizations worldwide rely on HALO® for high-throughput, quantitative tissue analysis in oncology, neuroscience, metabolism, toxicology and more.

 – Unmatched ease-of-use

 – Pupose-built modules

 – Scalability

 – Multi-core processing

 – Extensive analytics

Indica Labs - Digital Pathology
Indica Labs - Digital Pathology


Deep Learning Classifier

HALO AI is a collection of train-by-example classification and segmentation tools underpinned by advanced deep learning neural network algorithms.

HALO AI classifiers can be trained to:

 – Quantify tissue classes

 – Segment tissue classes for analysis

 – Find rare events

 – Find specific cells in tissues

 – Categorize cell populations


Collaborative Image Management

HALO Link combines image management with HALO image analysis and takes it to the web to allow secure anywhere, anytime access to study data, slides and analysis results.

 – Manage slides

 – Collaborate securely

 – Anywhere, anytime access

 – View and analyze remotely

 – Visualize trends

Indica Labs - Digital Pathology
Indica Labs - Digital Pathology


Case-Centric Digital Workflows for Anatomic Pathology

The HALO AP interface provides anywhere, anytime access to digital slides for remote sign-out, secondary consultations and tumor boards together with quantitative IHC and AI workflows.

 – Synoptic Reporting

 – Custom Assay Builder

 – Artificial Intelligence

 – LIS | LIMS Integration

 – Platform Compatibility


Your Partner in Biomarker Research

The Pharma Services team leverage Indica Labs’ own HALO image analysis, AI, and image management solutions, as well as the in-house expertise of our imaging scientists and algorithm developers, to enable contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to make fast, informed decisions on their biomarker programs.

 – Biomarker Analysis

 – Advanced Analysis

 – Data Visualization

 – Cloud deployment

Indica Labs - Digital Pathology

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