Aiosyn Mitosis Breast

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast

Mitotic Figure Counting

An AI-powered solution for mitotic figure counting in breast H&E slides in clinical* and research settings

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast* uses deep learning technology to automatically identify mitotic figures in whole slide images of biopsies and resections, significantly reducing the time required for the assessment and standardizing the process.


Product Description

*Note: Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, for use in clinical diagnostics, is undergoing CE-mark certification under the EU IVDR. In addition to Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, there is the Aiosyn Mitosis Research solution, available for Research Use Only.

Boost the efficiency of mitosis quantification

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast aids laboratories in enhancing the process of mitosis analysis. The algorithm identifies and highlights mitotic figures in H&E slides. 75% of pathologists have increased their efficiency when using Aiosyn Mitosis Breast, as evidenced by an independent clinical study.

Improve the consistency of results

AI-powered mitosis detection enhances the consistency of results by minimizing observer variability and offering standardized criteria for the analysis of mitotic figures, resulting in 32.6% increased consistency between the pathologists.

Seamless incorporation into existing workflows

Aiosyn Mitosis Breast is offered as a versatile software solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows through standard IMS and pathology platforms, eliminating the need to adopt a different viewer.

Automate the process of mitotic figure detection with Aiosyn’s solutions

The manual process of mitosis counting is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to variability, creating the need for solutions that improve efficiency and ensure consistent results. Designed for clinical diagnostics, Aiosyn Mitosis Breast provides robust support to pathologists in breast cancer grading. Additionally, by enhancing mitosis evaluations, Aiosyn Mitosis Research can aid in the discovery and investigation of new biomarkers.

Improved workflow with Aiosyn Mitosis Breast

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