Automated Quality Control

An AI-powered solution for automated quality control of digital histology slides in the pathology workflow

AiosynQC can be integrated with standard workflow providers, automating and simplifying the QC process without disrupting your existing workflow.


Product Description

Enhance The Quality Of Clinical Diagnostics

AiosynQC assists laboratories in ensuring the utilization of only high-quality images for pathologists. Our algorithm detects and highlights prevalent artifacts in H&E and IHC slides.

Reduce Time Spent On Image QC

By automating the quality control process, Aiosyn enables a more efficient diagnostic and research workflow, significantly reducing the time required for manual inspection of image quality.

Embrace The Power Of AI Algorithms

By integrating AI-powered solutions, you can significantly improve your digital pathology workflow. The automation of quality control streamlines the process and facilitates the use of other algorithms.

Streamline Quality Control In The Pathology Workflow With AiosynQC

Variations in pre-analytical processes and scanning artifacts can often hinder the interpretability of histological slides. To enable effective and timely pathology diagnostics, it is crucial to have high-quality and efficient workflows. AiosynQC utilizes AI technology to identify and flag prevalent artifacts, automating and simplifying image quality control.

AiosynQC Integration

A step-by-step breakdown of AiosynQC integrating with your digital pathology workflow.

Aiosyn’s Automated Quality Control can be integrated with major digital pathology workflow providers. After slides are prepared and uploaded to the platform AiosynQC analyzes images immediately.

Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability

Clinical, Research

Imaging Modality Supported


User Customizable | Application-Specific Algorithms

Application Specific

Supported Assay Types

Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E), Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

IVD | Clinical Applications

Automated quality control of WSIs, Note that AiosynQC does not fall under the category of a medical device according to European IVDR and UK MDR legislation

Research Use Only Applications

Automated Quality Control

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


TMA Support


File Formats Produced | Supported

.svs, DICOM, TIFF/TIF, .mrxs

Additional Notes*

*It is important to note that AiosynQC does not fall under the category of a medical device according to European IVDR and UK MDR legislation, It is not designed to be used as an accessory to any AI or other medical devices.

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AiosynQC Brochure