VivaScope 2500

VivaScope - Digital Pathology

VivaScope 2500


Instant Digital Pathology

H&E-like digital images, intraoperatively or at the beside, in just five minutes.


Product Description

From Excision to Evaluation in Just Five Minutes

The Vivascope Process

VivaScope - Digital Pathology

The Technology

VivaScope technology is based on confocal microscopy and acquires images of superb optical resolution and contrast.

VivaScope images are generated from two components. Two lasers of different wavelengths create two distinct images, a fluorescence image and a reflectance image.

Both signals are scanned simultaneously and are used to create pseudo-colored images.

The device’s software uses an algorithm to translate the acquired image information into colors that resemble H&E.


✔  No laboratory required
✔ Remote evaluation
✔ Advanced patient care
✔ Improved patient turnaround time

VivaScope - Digital Pathology
VivaScope - Digital Pathology

Full Tissue Preservation

The VivaScope 2500 revolutionizes the evaluation of cytological and histological specimens.

Tissue preparation takes only a few minutes, enabling fast image acquisition.

The images show the morphology at subcellular resolution and can be assessed immediately after scanning.

The procedure fully maintains the integrity of the specimen which can be preserved for later histopathological, immunohistochemical and molecular investigation.

Evaluation of tumor margins

The VivaScope 2500 allows you to assess tumor margins intraoperatively.

The ex vivo technology offers many advantages over frozen section analysis for microscopically controlled surgery.

The time needed to complete a surgery can be reduced significantly.

Integrated into a surgical workflow, VivaScope scans provide information comparable to H&E images derived from FFPE or frozen sections.

VivaScope - Digital Pathology
VivaScope - Digital Pathology

Significant time saving

The processing and imaging of core biopsies takes less than five minutes and the results can be evaluated instantly.

Compared to conventional frozen or paraffin sections, the evaluation time can be dramatically reduced.

The conclusions drawn from the examination can have a direct impact on the patient’s treatment, enabling therapy to be scheduled immediately, perhaps within a single hospital stay.

Additional Information

Imaging window dimensions

2.4 x 3.2 cm

Lateral resolution

1.25 um

Scan liquid biopsies


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VivaScope ExVivo 2500 Confocal Microscopy

VivaScope ExVivo 2500 Confocal Microscopy