Confocal microscopy-based solutions for rapid real-time differentiation between pathogenic and healthy tissue.

See how Vivascope is used for rapid, non-invasive skin examination

Instant Digital Pathology

VivaScope technology is based on confocal microscopy and acquires images of superb optical resolution and contrast.

  • Five-minute intraoperative evaluation at the beside.
  • High resolution images of unfixed tissue without sectioning.
  • Large sample size up to 32 mm x 24 mm.

Pseudo colors applied to both the fluorescence and reflectance images means you receive H&E like results during ongoing surgery.

Vivascope - Digital Pathology
Vivascope - Pathology News

In vivo examination with VivaScope devices use confocal laser scanning microscopy which permits a non-invasive optical biopsy.

  • See beneath the skin, layer by layer.
  • Enhance patient care with real-time imaging.
  • Compact design and low weight.
  • Can be used on large areas of skin or difficult to reach areas such as nose and face.

VivaScope is Well documented in the scientific literature with flexible configurations according to your application.

VivaScope for Research

We offer VivaScope platforms for basic research, medical research or for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Reveal cellular details of the epidermis and upper dermis without affecting the tissue.
  • Measure and document subtle changes in skin property over time.
  • Track progression of diseases or monitor healing and the effects of pharmaceuticals.

Over one thousand publications in peer-reviewed journals document the wide field of application of VivaScope devices.

Vivascope - Pathology News

VivaScope Solutions

  • VivaScope - Digital Pathology

    VivaScope 2500

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