Where Tissue Meets Technology

Leveraging technology designed for a comprehensive pathology ecosystem, nearly 2 million digital diagnoses, all rigorously validated and verified following the LDT guidelines.

Solutions For A Comprehensive Digital Pathology Workflow

Optimize Productivity and Excellence with Minimal Disruption

Discover an Image Management System with unmatched speed, pivotal for case and image management.

Benefit from:

  • Cost-effective data storage
  • Custom worklists
  • Industry-leading AI tools designed to empower diverse histopathology applications
  • Peak efficiency with minimal disruption
  • Best-in-class image quality and slide navigation

Advance Your Diagnostic Approach with Advanced Tissue Technology

Preserve tissue quality and increase cancer detection rates with Lumea’s patented, pre-analytical specimen-handling technology. Clinics, surgery centers, labs, and pathologists using Lumea tech see a significant decrease in waste, up to a 10% increase in cancer detection rates, better tissue quality, and improved workflow efficiency.

BxLink™: The Optimal Digital Pathology Platform

A streamlined workflow with seamless integration, perfect for groups wanting to go digital but do not have, or want to change, their LIS.

Discover an all-in-one digital pathology suite designed for the efficient management of:

  • Billing
  • Slide ordering
  • Second opinions
  • Primary diagnosis
  • Preliminary reporting 

Overcome Your Digital Hurdles with Help From Expert Consultants

Making the move to digital can seem daunting, with concerns about expenses, implementation, setup, and errors. Work with our experts to overcome these challenges and build your own digital roadmap to take you from concept to digital adoption.

Get started with Lumea’s Digital Pathologists’ Playbook™

When you hear the term digital pathology technology, there’s a good chance that whole slide image scanners, image viewers, and LIS integrations come to mind. In addition, complexity, change management, and exponential costs. It begs the question: Do the benefits of going digital outweigh the cost?

Lumea Solutions