MSIntuit® CRC

MSIntuit® CRC is a CE-marked AI diagnostic that provides a prescreen approach with digital pathology.


Product Description

Optimize MSI testing for colorectal cancer (CRC)

Rule out patients with MSS phenotypes

  • Testing – suitable for adults with primary colorectal cancer
  • Digital pathology – works with surgically resected tissue on digitized H&E slides
  • 95% Sensitivity – equivalent when compared to standard testing techniques*
  • Workflow agnostic – deployment is feasible across IMS systems or shared directory
  • PDF report – delivered as a PDF report with user-friendly design
  • 98% NPV – provides high confidence in MSS prediction by AI*

*Svrcek M, Saillard C, Dubois R, et al. Blind validation of MSIntuit, an AI-based pre-screening tool for MSI detection from colorectal cancer H&E slides. Poster presented at: European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO);  May 9th – 13th 2022; Paris France.

40% of CRC patients can be ruled-out from automatic IHC/PCR screening for MMR/MSI thanks to a sensitivity of 95%*

‘MSS-AI’ patients can avoid additional testing thanks to a high diagnosis precision that enables a very low rate of false negative patients.


Facilitate better access to immunotherapy with microsatellite instability (MSI) testing

Immunotherapy has been approved for this subset of patients—prompting guidelines for universal screening. Furthermore, MSI status is reported to be predictive of response to immunotherapy across all solid tumors.

MSI tumors can also arise from a hereditary condition which increases the risk of developing cancers in multiple organs (Lynch syndrome). It is key to identify these patients and provide them with closer follow-up.

As demand for MSI screening for CRC patients (and beyond) increases, so too does the testing burden for pathologists and labs—creating bottlenecks and resource pressures.

Integrating MSIntuit CRC into a pathology workflow

MSIntuit CRC is a medical device for use by healthcare professionals only. This deep learning software is intended for assisting pathologists in the pre-selection of patients with a stable microsatellite phenotype (MSS) / proficient mismatch repair system (pMMR) associated with primary colorectal cancer. It identifies MSS patients from a digitized histology slide image file of hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained colorectal tissue resection for patients with primary colorectal cancer. MSIntuit CRC is intended to be used as an additional source of information and its results should not be used as the primary diagnosis for MSI. Pathologists should only use MSIntuit CRC in conjunction with their usual diagnostic criteria.

MSIntuit CRC is CE-IVD marked for diagnostic use in Europe and registered with the MHRA in the United Kingdom. In all other countries, including the United States, the use of the product is limited to research, not for use in diagnostic procedures. For detailed information on proper use and precautions, please read carefully the instructions for use provided with the product or contact Owkin.

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Manufacturer: Owkin France. MSIntuit is a trademark of Owkin Inc

Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability

Clinical, Research

Imaging Modality Supported


User Customizable | Application-Specific Algorithms

Application Specific

Supported Assay Types

Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E)

IVD | Clinical Applications

dMMR/MSI | Colorectal cancer (EU CE IVD)

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment

yes, GDPR Compliant

TMA Support


File Formats Produced | Supported

.svs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF, .mrxs, .wfml

Viewer Type

Viewer and scanner-agnostic

Owkin MSIntuit™ CRC

MSIntuit™ CRC

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