TLS Detect

TLS Detect

Tertiary Lymphoid Structures (RUO)

A research tool that uses AI to detect the presence or absence of TLS across tumor types from digital H&E slides


Product Description

Clinical context

The potential of TLS in oncology research

Research shows TLS plays a crucial role in oncology by providing insights into the tumor’s interaction with the immune system.*

Prognostic role

TLS are a major player in antitumor immune response and the presence of TLS has been associated with improved survival in several tumor types

Predictive biomarker

The assessment of TLS during drug development and clinical trials can serve as a predictive biomarker for response to certain immunotherapies

Therapeutic target

TLS can be assessed to help enhance the immune response and be a possible target for effective cancer immunotherapy

Combination therapies

TLS could guide the development of combination therapies that target both the tumor cells and the local immune environment

Trial optimization

TLS can support clinical trial optimization, to help better select trial participants to improve success rates across trial phases

* Research tool only, not to be used for diagnostic purposes

Benefits of TLS detection

TLS presence is considered a novel biomarker to stratify the overall survival risk of untreated cancer patients and as a marker of efficient immunotherapy treatment.

A simple and standardized approach to measure TLS from routine digitised H&E slides could support the adoption of this biomarker as an independent predictor of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI).

With a sensitivity of 97%, TLS Detect has the potential to screen for TLS presence in tumors in a research setting.

97% sensitivity was achieved through validation on an external dataset (n=157 patients)

Key Features

TLS Detect in Action

**97% sensitivity was achieved through validation on an external dataset (n=157 patients)

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