digital pathology

Tissue Workflow Optimization for Digital (TWO-D) represents a significant leap forward in the digitization of pathology workflows.


Product Description

The TWOD system ushers in a new era of high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness in pathology

The TWOD system enhances biopsy tissue workflows, substantially boosting efficiency to meet today’s pathology demands. It covers the entire spectrum, from tissue acquisition in the clinician’s office to detailed tracking in the histology lab, and culminates in digital sign-out by pathologists. TWOD elevates workflow efficiency, thereby maximizing the benefits of adopting digital pathology. This system achieves a remarkable 33% reduction in traditional consumable usage, leading to a 40% increase in overall laboratory productivity. Benefits of TWOD include preserved specimen integrity, significant cost savings, and improved diagnostic accuracy. These collective advantages position digital pathology as a superior option within the modern healthcare framework.

Innovation at its Core: Optimizing the Entire Tissue Workflow for Better Patient Care

The TWOD system features a patent-pending cassette design that ensures the structural integrity of biopsy specimens from acquisition through to diagnosis. This innovative cassette design securely encapsulates each core in a stable environment, enhancing formalin fixation during transport and reducing the risk of tissue fragmentation. This method of preservation maintains tissue integrity for more accurate analysis. Our distinctive barcoding and color-coding system meticulously tracks each specimen throughout the entire process, from the clinician’s office to the histology lab, ensuring consistent tissue identity. The process is centrally coordinated through TWOD’s integrated Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Imaging Management System (IMS), which combine lab data and pathology imaging with advanced augmented intelligence for efficient pathology sign-out.

Tissue Workflow

digital pathology

Prostate bx received at lab

(lids removed)

digital pathology

Take digital photo at image station

TWOD software measures the length of each core and includes in gross description

digital pathology

12 cores prostate bx – covered with lens paper

digital pathology

Tissue Processor

digital pathology

After processing, tissues are going through a normal embedding and cutting process

digital pathology

Tissues after processing and lens paper removed

Automated Gross Imaging and Measurements

  • Captures high-resolution images of each core within the cassette.
  • This step also digitally measures each core and autopopulates the measurements into GPIS.
  • Automated case allocation
digital pathology

Additional Information

Sample Collection

Four 3-core cassettes

Accessioning Types

barcode enabled, DigitCells Portal

Embedding Type

directly on cassette

Reporting Type

template based

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