VENTANA DP 200 Slide Scanner

VENTANA DP 200 Slide Scanner

Robust high-speed scanning empowers precision diagnosis
Advance your pathology workflow with high-quality, high-resolution digital imaging.

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Product Description

VENTANA DP 200 Slide Scanner

The VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner was the first in our new generation of scanners. It was designed from the ground up to be fast and simple to use, robust and reliable to minimise downtime, and to be flexible and versatile to fit a variety of applications. It was designed for a lean continuous workflow, accepting a single tray of either 6 single slides, or 3 double/mega slides at a time. Multiple scanners are used in parallel to provide a high throughput solution, while also providing redundancy.

Simplified, high-quality scanning

Explore the simplicity of the VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner, click on the video below.

Advance your pathology workflow with high-quality, high-resolution digital imaging

Through the use of innovative optics, a dynamic focus and a line scanning technique, the scanner delivers superb image quality across various tissue types, including frozen sections, while also ensuring high speed, high-quality images, negating the need to worry about predetermined focus points and stitching errors seen with other tile-based scanners.The scanner has the flexibility to perform volume scanning, also known as Z-stacking, with up to 15 layers, with up to 1 micrometre between each layer, useful for when scanning thick samples, such as cytology slides.

As intuitive as it is innovative

Quick and easy to use

Intuitive design and minimalistic user-interface maximizes workflow and helps improve turnaround times.

Robust and reliable

The tray-based system along with automatic calibrations and built-in diagnostics delivers a consistent, robust system performance.

Quality you can see

Dynamic focus technology and innovative optics create high quality images with color reproduction that maps to glass slides as seen under microscopes.

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Additional Information

Medical Device | IVD Certifications

Europe (CE-Marked IVD)

Imaging Modality Supported


Max No. Multiplexed Biomarkers


Slide Capacity

Small (< 25 slides)

Scan Objective(s)

20x, 40x

Slide Size(s)

Large 50 mm x 75 mm (2" x 3"), Standard 25 mm x 75 mm (1"x 3")

20x Resolution (µM / Pixel)


40x Resolution (µM / Pixel)


20x Scan Speed (seconds)

< 60

40x Scan Speed (seconds)


Z-Stacks Supported


Frozen Sections?


Scanning Method

Tri-Linear Line Scan with Dynamic Focus

File Formats Produced | Supported

DICOM, TIFF/TIF, Ventana .bif

Barcode Capability

1D, 2D

Slide Handling

Tray based system with zero slide handling

Quality Control Measures

System supports QC checks at the scanner workstation

Colour Management Profile Avaliability

Built in

Diagnostic & Calibration Targets Availability

Built in

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