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An early and accurate diagnosis is critical. With mounting pressures on labs, the digitisation of pathology can offer immediate benefits to you and your patients. Leveraging more than 125 years of history in fighting disease, the Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative hardware, software and algorithms to deliver precision diagnoses to enable more personalised healthcare.

Experience high image quality and reliability

VENTANA slide scanners use tray-based systems engineered with minimal moving parts. The slides move through the system on the tray without interference by a robotic mechanism, allowing for a high quality scan even if the slides are not perfectly dry, frozen, or if cover slips and slide labels are slightly off center or lifting. The tray-based system eliminates slide-handling errors such as breakage and loss of slides. To ensure a reliable and consistent image, the scanners automatically perform a white balance calibration which occurs periodically in the background when scanning is in progress. Furthermore, VENTANA scanners offer a Calibrations and Diagnostics Utility and and internal calibration targets. These built-in diagnostics offer periodic reminders for the user to check the health of their slide scanner.

VENTANA slide scanners offer the peace of mind of a reliable scan, from efficient tray loading to the final high quality whole slide image.

Enabling full digitisation of your pathology laboratory

The VENTANA DP 600 slide scanner is a significant addition to the Roche Digital Pathology portfolio as it will enable pathology laboratories to perform high volume and high quality scanning necessary for full digitisation of their pathology workflow with Roche as the partner of choice.

Simplified, high-quality scanning

Designed for a variety of applications, the VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner is a six-slide high-speed brightfield scanner with excellent image quality to enhance pathologists’ review of digital slides. This fast and easy to use high-resolution slide scanner offers a no-touch start process, intuitive user interface and is well-suited for remote site scanning, mega slide scanning, frozen section scanning, and more.

Fast, customisable platform enhancing the efficiency of the pathology laboratory workflow

The Roche uPath enterprise software enhances the efficiency of pathology laboratory workflow with connectivity tools and automation. The on-premise or cloud-based solution is a universal platform that seamlessly enables communication between pathologists and technicians via usability, innovation, and digitisation.

Confidence starts with clarity

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to remove time-consuming quantification and qualification tasks from your pathology workflow, allowing you to focus on more meaningful tasks.

The uPath image analysis algorithms for pathology decision support extract meaningful information from pathology slide images so that pathologists can quickly, accurately, and confidently assess immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridisation.

MoticFlow Teleconsultation image

Access slides from anywhere, anytime


By digitizing glass slides, achieve faster, more reliable, and more efficient work in healthcare, research, and education. Create, share, and review cases from remote sites or from the home office using browser-based and cloud platform tools, managing and annotating slides with ease.

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