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Product Description

Improve Lab and Workflow Efficiency, Speed up Diagnosis Time, and Improve Patient Safety

*Only certain Aiforia® Clinical AI models and the Aiforia® Clinical Suite Viewer are CE-IVD marked for diagnostic use in EU and EEA countries, see here for the full list: In all other countries, the use is limited to Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

We currently provide Clinical Suites for some of the most prevalent cancers worldwide, including prostate, breast and lung.

Our growing list of CE-IVD marked solutions includes:

  • Aiforia® Breast Cancer ER

Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Aiforia® Breast Cancer Ki67

Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Aiforia® Breast Cancer PR

Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Aiforia® Lung Cancer PD-L1

Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Aiforia® Prostate Gleason Grade Groups

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Introduction to Aiforia Clinical Solutions

Learn about how Aiforia can transform your clinical workflow below

Our AI models for diagnostic support

Aiforia Clinical Solutions offer AI-supported image-based diagnostics with intelligent visualization, automated screening, and reporting tools in one cloud-based platform.

Pathologists can make the most of a digitized workflow and fully harness their expertise by automating repetitive tasks and increasing the speed and accuracy of case reviews. This enables pathology labs to diagnose more patients in less time.

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

AI Models – Key Features

Each Clinical Solution contains an AI model for diagnostic support with the following features:

  • Tumor Area Detection: Distinguishes between normal and cancerous tissue

  • Scoring: Automatically scores positive and negative cells from either whole slide images or selected image areas

  • Confirm results on WSIs: View images and analysis results in alternate magnifications

  • Hotspots & ROIs: View image analysis results in selected areas for more precise examination

  • Creates Heatmap: Automatically finds critical areas of the sample

  • Mark Images: Add markings and notes to your images to help you share findings with collaborators

  • Measure: Automatically or manually measure features or patterns of interest.

  • Report Generation: Results provided in a quantifiable format. Verify results and make adjustments as needed.


Aiforia - Digital Pathology
Aiforia - Digital Pathology
Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Integration Services: Integration can be straightforward. Aiforia solutions can be integrated with any existing laboratory infrastructure to enjoy the full benefits of a digitized workflow.

  • Cloud Hosting Services: Choose to host on our secure shared or private cloud environment. You can also opt to host on your own cloud provider (preferred partners include MS Azure and GCP).

  • Custom AI Services: AI models developed by scientists, for scientists. With Custom AI Services, Aiforia’s scientists build AI models for your specific needs.

Why use AI?

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Increased efficiency

Diagnose more patients in less time by unbinding yourself from time-consuming, manual tasks.

Advanced precision

Improve diagnostic accuracy and be confident in
your decision-making.

Aiforia - Digital Pathology
Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Improved consistency

Reduce variability to standardize your sample review and ensure democratized patient care.

Quality and Security

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Aiforia Technologies holds information security to the highest standard. We hold several, globally relevant quality and security certifications, so you can be sure your sensitive information is safe.

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Our Collaborators

So far, thousands of AI models have been created for applications such as quantification, multi-class semantic segmentation, and regression modeling.

Some example projects

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Using AI to study colorectal cancer
at the Mayo Clinic

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Cancer drug development using AI
at Faron Pharmaceuticals

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Parkinson’s disease research
with AI at Sanofi

More Solutions from Aiforia

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Great tool for research and clinical use

I have used Aiforia for the past couple of years for two research projects with clinical utility. The platform is nicely done with a myriad of options to analyze and evaluate results. The support staff have been wonderful, and [...]

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