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For pharma, biotech, CROs, and academic researchers, Aiforia Research Solutions offer cloud-based pathology image analysis applications that cater to all research areas


Product Description

One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

AI for image analysis

Empowered by robust AI capabilities, pathologists and scientists can make the most of a digitized workflow and fully harness their expertise by automating repetitive tasks and increasing the speed and accuracy of study reviews. From simple quantification to measuring complex spatial metrics or finding hard-to-spot objects, pathologists and scientists can create and validate their proprietary deep-learning AI models or leverage Aiforia’s experts to develop custom models.

For pharma, biotech, CROs, and academic researchers, the Aiforia Platform:

  • Advances discovery: Find the hard-to-spot objects, patterns, and even what you might not have known existed.

  • Saves time: Our AI models can analyze your images in 90% less time than with manual methods.

  • Connects teams: Share your data and findings with anyone globally through our cloud-based platform.

  • Reduces costs: Aiforia is deployed fully online, with no need for data scientists or dedicated hardware.

  • Analyzes consistently: Our AI removes inter- and intra-observer bias, standardizing your image analysis.

Aiforia Create

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Aiforia ® Create allows users to create and validate proprietary deep learning AI models for any histological features and patterns, in any 2D image. All major scanners and file formats are supported.

The possibilities are limitless. So far, thousands of AI models have been created for applications such as quantification, multi-class semantic segmentation, and regression modeling.

Aiforia Create is the first self-service deep learning algorithm tool for pathology

Aiforia Studies

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Aiforia@ Studies

Cutting-edge AI-assisted image analysis capabilities supported by a study-centric GLP workflow.

Study-centric workflow that meets the GLP requirements:

● Locked AI models
● Study creation and management
● Study image analysis and viewing
● Study locking
● Extensive audit log
● Study data package export

The power of AI in your hands

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

AI models in a GLP-compliant environment

Craft your own AI models within a GLP-compliant
environment. Identify, quantify, and measure features
in any 2D image, providing unparalleled adaptability
to your unique research needs.

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Study-centric workflow

Enhance efficiency with our study-centric
module, offering seamless management, viewing,
and sorting of images based on study-defined
metadata. Analyze data on a per-study basis,
streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Quality control

Boost confidence through GLP compliance and
rigorous quality control. A comprehensive study
data package enables study reconstruction,
encompassing image information, AI model
details, and a human-readable audit log. Locked
models allow GLP-compliant image analysis,
instilling trust in your results

Aiforia@ Studies

Examples of AI applications in study evaluation

1. Quality control AI analysis applications

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Slide and scanning quality control
Absolute and relative area of high-quality tissue in HE and IHC images

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Organ detection
Confirmation of image content by comparing AI results and image metadata

2. Lesion specific AI analysis applications

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Liver hypertrophy
Selective detection of intact individual hepatocytes with a distinct nucleus

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Bone marrow
Bone marrow cell lineages 4 class object detection


Aiforia - Digital Pathology
Aiforia - Digital Pathology
Aiforia - Digital Pathology
  • Integration Services: Integration can be straightforward. Aiforia solutions can be integrated with any existing laboratory infrastructure to enjoy the full benefits of a digitized workflow.

  • Cloud Hosting Services: Choose to host on our secure shared or private cloud environment. You can also opt to host on your own cloud provider (preferred partners include MS Azure and GCP).

  • Custom AI Services: AI models developed by scientists, for scientists. With Custom AI Services, Aiforia’s scientists build AI models for your specific needs.

Quality and Security

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Aiforia Technologies holds information security to the highest standard. We hold several, globally relevant quality and security certifications, so you can be sure your sensitive information is safe.

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Our Collaborators

So far, thousands of AI models have been created for applications such as quantification, multi-class semantic segmentation, and regression modeling.

Some example projects

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Using AI to study colorectal cancer
at the Mayo Clinic

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Cancer drug development using AI
at Faron Pharmaceuticals

Aiforia - Digital Pathology

Parkinson’s disease research
with AI at Sanofi

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