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Tribun Health - Digital Pathology  AI Apps

Tribun Health’s AI portfolio represents a transformative solution for digital pathology, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, optimizing workflows, and contributing to advancements in patient care. Experience the power of AI Apps in shaping the future of healthcare diagnostics.


Product Description

Tribun Health - Digital Pathology  AI Apps

We pioneered advanced AI technology to automatically extract clinically relevant data from pathology slides, accelerate and improve image quantification for diagnostics, prognosis and biomarker analysis. Tribun Health is pushing the limits of technology to deliver solutions that have the potential to radically transform the way cancer is diagnosed and treatment plans are decided upon. Our technology stack is as advanced as it gets: Convolutional Neural Network powered Computer Vision. Learn more here :

Experience the future of diagnostic excellence

Tribun Health’s comprehensive suite of AI algorithms, known as AI Apps, are designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities across various medical disciplines. By remaining agnostic to AI algorithms, Tribun Health ensures unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of users.

Best in KLAS

Through the Best in KLAS Image Management System CaloPix®, users gain access to a wide array of proven algorithms meticulously tailored for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. From workflow optimization to diagnostic support, these algorithms empower pathology labs and medical researchers to streamline processes and deliver more accurate diagnoses.

A host of benefits

The benefits of Tribun Health’s AI algorithm offering are multifaceted and transformative. Firstly, they optimize clinical workflows, increasing efficiency within pathology practices and ultimately improving patient outcomes. Secondly, by extending AI offerings to the drug discovery community, Tribun Health contributes to advancements in medical research and therapeutic development.

Straightforward Integration

The seamless integration of both in-house algorithms and those from key AI partners, including Deep Bio, Owkin, MindPeak, and others, ensures a robust and comprehensive solution for users. This agnostic approach enables Tribun Health to provide users with the flexibility to use algorithms that best suit their specific needs and preferences. Regular updates and additions to the algorithm portfolio keep users at the forefront of innovation, ensuring ongoing relevance and effectiveness in addressing evolving healthcare challenges.

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Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability


User Customizable | Application-Specific Algorithms

User customizable

Imaging Modality Supported

Brightfield, Fluorescence

Supported Assay Types

Chromogenic in situ hybridization (CISH), Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E), Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Special Stains

Research Use Only Applications

User Customizable Algorithms Suitable for Multiple Applications

TMA Support


On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


Open Source?


File Formats Produced | Supported

3DHistech .mrxs, Akoya .qptiff, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Hamamatsu .ndpis, Leica .afi, Leica .scn, Leica .svs, Olympus .vsi, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF, Ventana .bif, Zeiss .czi


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