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Experience the Next Generation of Telepathology with TeleSlide Patho® – Where Collaboration, Efficiency, and Innovation Converge to Shape the Future of Healthcare.



Product Description

Tribun Health- Digital Pathology TeleSlide Patho®

TeleSlide Tribvn


TeleSlide Tribvn


Digital pahology quality control


Introducing TeleSlide Patho®

Tribun Health’s cloud-based telepathology application designed to facilitate seamless sharing of pathological images and documents among designated workgroups. Tailored specifically for the unique demands of pathology labs, TeleSlide Patho® streamlines remote case sharing and communication, empowering both clinical and educational endeavors.

Innovative Collaboration:

TeleSlide Patho® offers a suite of collaborative tools that redefine the way pathology teams interact and exchange insights. With user-friendly features and intuitive interfaces, collaboration becomes more efficient and effective, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Robust Data Management:

TeleSlide Patho® prioritizes data traceability and archiving, ensuring the integrity and security of shared information. Through comprehensive data management features, users can confidently navigate through cases, facilitating timely and informed decision-making.

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities:

With TeleSlide Patho® , secure remote first-time diagnoses or consultations become a reality, bolstering healthcare quality, and reducing costs.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction:

By simplifying remote collaboration and diagnosis, TeleSlide Patho® drives operational efficiency and cost reduction in pathology practices. By eliminating the need for shipping physical specimens, TeleSlide Patho® significantly reduces associated costs. Furthermore, its scalable and adaptable nature ensures seamless integration into diverse laboratory environments, optimizing resource utilization and enhancing overall cost-effectiveness.

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Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability

Clinical, Research, Teaching

Medical Device | IVD Certifications

Health Canada, Other regulatory clearances may exist. Please confirm with manufacturer.

File Formats Produced | Supported

3DHistech .mrxs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Hamamatsu .ndpis, JPEG/JPG/JPEG 2000, Leica .afi, Leica .scn, Leica .svs, Olympus .vsi, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF, Ventana .bif, Zeiss .czi

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


Viewer Type


Supported Browsers


Real-time Slide Conferencing


Z-Stacks Supported


TMA Support


DICOM Compatibility


LIS | Third-Party Integration


LIS | Third-Party Integration Details

Please consult solution provider for details.


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