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Tribun Health - Digital Pathology  Tribun Health Digital Pathology Platform

Tribun Health’s web-based Digital Pathology Platform is designed to empower laboratories to seamlessly transition to digital pathology, irrespective of their pace, or their size.

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Product Description

Tribun Health - Digital Pathology  Tribun Health Digital Pathology Platform

Why Choose Tribun Health’s Platform?

Clinical Confidence: Our platform integrates leading visualization, analysis automation, and collaboration tools, instilling clinical confidence at every stage of the diagnostic process.

Ultimate Flexibility: With a versatile web application, telehealth options, and full compatibility, our platform effortlessly adapts to your laboratory’s evolving needs.

Increased Productivity: Explore advanced workflows and AI automation to amplify productivity and streamline operations, ensuring optimal efficiency in pathology practices.

Tribun Health - Digital pathology

Tribun Health’s Digital Pathology Platform includes:

CaloPix® for image management and intuitive clinical decision tools

AI Apps for pathology workflow optimization and advanced image analysis

TeleSlide Patho® for seamless remote sharing

CaloPix Archive® module for long-term storage (local or in the Cloud)

MacroCam® for high-quality gross image acquisition

Digital Pathology Tailored to Your Lab

Whether you’re embarking on your digital pathology journey or already immersed in it, Tribun Health is here to support you every step of the way. Our platform is agnostic, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with your existing laboratory information systems, whole slide image scanners, long-term archiving solutions (i.e. VNA), facilitating strategic transitions and ensuring unified operation.

Tribun Health - Digital Pathology
Calopix digital pathology image management

Digital pathology that fits your lab – Digital is the future.

Maybe you’re just starting to look into it, or you’ve already moved down that path in some way. No matter your progress, your goals, your budget or any legacy technology investments already made in LIS (Laboratory Information System), slides scanners or even IMS (Image Management System), Tribun Health is the ideal partner to help you strategically transition your pathology department to digital, on you own schedule and budget.

Tribun Health - Digital Pathology

A Platform Built Around Your Workflow

The Tribun Health Platform encompasses essential stages of the pathology workflow, from gross imaging to digital storage optimization, image management, AI-powered analysis, and second opinions.

Experience seamless integration and unlock the full potential of digital pathology with Tribun Health’s Platform.

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Additional Information

Clinical | Research Suitability

Clinical, Research

Medical Device | IVD Certifications

Europe (CE-Marked IVD), Other regulatory clearances may exist. Please confirm with manufacturer.

File Formats Produced | Supported

3DHistech .mrxs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Hamamatsu .ndpis, JPEG/JPG/JPEG 2000, Leica .afi, Leica .scn, Leica .svs, Olympus .vsi, Philips .iSyntax, TIFF/TIF, Ventana .bif, Zeiss .czi

On-Premise Deployment


Cloud Deployment


Viewer Type


Supported Browsers


Real-time Slide Conferencing


Z-Stacks Supported


TMA Support


DICOM Compatibility


LIS | Third-Party Integration


LIS | Third-Party Integration Details

An API is supplied to allow LIS suppliers to integrate between CaloPix and the LIS.


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