Upright Brightfield and Fluorescence System from TissueGnostics
A flexible upright scanning system, focussed on automation in scanning brightfield and immunofluorescence slides, cytospins, smears, and TMAs.


Product Description

The TissueFAXS platform is a flexible upright scanning system, focusing on automation in scanning brightfield and immunofluorescence slides, cytospins, smears, and TMAs. This versatile microscope-based platform allows for upgradability over time and can be configured with high end hardware such as high powered multi LED light engines, highly sensitive sCMOS cameras, and multiband bandpass filters for high speed scanning. The TissueFAXS platform is complete with integrated image analysis software for single cell quantification – HistoQuest and TissueQuest – or StrataQuest for contextual image analysis with AI classification module.

TissueFAXS platform is also available for either only brightfield (TissueFAXS Histo) or fluorescence (TissueFAXS Fluo) scanning modes. Due to its modular composition, TissueFAXS PLUS platform can be later upgraded to confocal configuration (TissueFAXS Q+), slide loader with 120 slide capacity (TissueFAXS SL) or to TissueFAXS SPECTRA – the multispectral tissue cytometer.

Key Features

  • Upgradable platform
  • 8-slide stage
  • Extended depth of focus
  • Compatible with oversized slides
  • One click-automation
  • Oil objectives
  • High-Speed fluorescence camera option
  • High powered multi LED light engine

Additional Information

Medical Device | IVD Certifications

Europe (CE-Marked IVD)

Imaging Modality Supported

Brightfield, Darkfield, Fluorescence, Fluorescence, Confocal, Phase Contrast, Polarized

Max No. Multiplexed Biomarkers

<10 Biomarkers

Slide Capacity

Medium (25-200 slides), Small (< 25 slides), standard 8 slides with possibility to upgrade to 120 slides

Scan Objective(s)

100x, 10x, 2.5x, 20x, 40x, 40x (oil), 5x, 63x (oil)

Slide Size(s)

Large 50 mm x 75 mm (2" x 3"), Standard 25 mm x 75 mm (1"x 3"), oversized slide 1x 208mm x 75mm, oversized slides 2x 104mm x 76mm

20x Resolution (µM / Pixel)

colour camera 0.271, Monochrome camera 0.310

40x Resolution (µM / Pixel)

colour camera 0.136, Monochrome camera 0.158

20x Scan Speed (seconds)

<60 seconds for brightfield for small tissue scanning, 4 minutes for fluorescence for small tissue 3 channel scanning

40x Scan Speed (seconds)

14 minutes for fluorescence for small tissue 3 channel scanning, 200 seconds for brightfield for small tissue scanning

Z-Stacks Supported


Frozen Sections?


Scanning Method


File Formats Produced | Supported

.png, JPEG/JPG/JPEG 2000, Leica Aperio .ome-tif, TIFF/TIF, TissueFAXS .sqproj, BMP

Barcode Capability

1D, 2D

Additional Notes*

TissueFAXS is a modular and upgradable system, which can be upgraded over time. It is a scanner and analysis solution, but also these features can be separated (only scanner, only image analysis).

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